Special 2019: Only Sixty Seconds!

For our eighth(!) annual special, Only Sixty Seconds returns! This time, Chris Cotter is your host, as David G. Robertson returns to defend his 2018 crown against Bettina Schmidt, Douglas Davies and Theo Wildcroft. We may not have avoided repetition, but I do not hesitate in promising you no deviation from hilarity!

Thanks to our audience for being so encouraging, to our sponsors and patrons for making this possible, and to you – Thanks for Listening!

If this gets you in the festive mood, you might want to check out our back catalogue of festive specials:

2012 – Only 60 Seconds!
2013 – Nul Point!
2014 – Masterbrain!
2015 – Fourteen to One!
2016 – The Unverifiable Truth-Claim!
2017 – Scrape My Barrel!
2018 – The Deadline


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