RSP Remix

#RSPremix video episodes draw on our archive of over 390 episodes to address common questions and themes in the study of religion.

Religion & Gender

Please enjoy this selection of episodes that frame the challenges and rewards of the critical framework of gender for religious studies scholarship.

Religion & Law

In this playlist learn how legal systems play a fundamental role in shaping the public’s understanding of religion.

The Critical Study of Religion

What is the critical study of religion? In these personal picks from RSP Co-Founder Christopher Cotter, listeners move from major issues related to the definition

New Religious Movements

No, they’re not cults, as we learn straightaway from Eileen Barker in this playlist’s first selection. Learn how religious studies scholars talk about new religious

The World Religions Paradigm

Work with the RSP to decolonize religious studies by listening to these special episodes about the word religions paradigm.

What’s Nonreligion?

If it isn’t religion, then why are we talking about it? Learn more about nonreligion in these hand-picked episodes!

Religion and Science Fiction

Learn about why SF is great material for studying religion while enjoying these episodes about Star Wars, fictional religions, and religion in SF.

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