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What’s Happening Down Under? | Discourse! May 2023

RSP discourse heads Down Under once again as 2/3 of the usual suspects—Carole Cusack & Raymond Radford—discuss religion, politics, life and death in the Australian religious sphere. Be sure to tune in!

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Charting the Playful & Proper Study of Religion

Andie Alexander is joined by Sam Gill to talk about his recent book _The Proper Study of Religion_, and they discuss questions of comparison, difference, storytracking, and playfulness in the academic study of religion. Be sure to tune in!

Supreme Court to Coulter: Negotiating Religion in the Public Sphere | Discourse! April 2023

Join Matt Sheedy, Tyler Tully, and host Candace Mixon as they discuss the ramifications of the in-progress Supreme Court case Groff vs. Dejoy, the Catholic Church’s decision to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery, and a recent controversial tweet by the conservative media pundit, Ann Coulter. In threading these discussions together, they consider religion as negotiated in the public sphere and the limits of accommodations across religious boundaries.

Religion under Attack? | Discourse! March 2023

Join host Suzanne Newcombe, Carmen Becker, and Michael Munnik for this month’s episode of Discourse! They discuss discrimination in a few European cases, including the SNP, protests at an abortion clinic, and more!

Navigating the Discursive Study of Religion

In today’s episode, Teemu Taira and Andie Alexander discuss how social groups negotiate the category ‘religion’ and the relevance of the discursive methods in the study of religion.

Where was God?: Jewish Theological Responses to the Holocaust

Where was God during the Holocaust? There is no straightforward answer to this and there are different viewpoints across the different streams of Judaism. Join Dr. Breann Fallon as she speaks with Dr. Barbara Krawcowicz on her recent monograph exploring Jewish theological responses to the Holocaust.

Critical Approaches to Studying Religion in Film

Ting Guo chats with Rebekka King and Tenzan Eaghall about their new edited volume, Representing Religion in Film (Bloomsbury 2022), and they explore the “ideological blindspot” of existing studies on religion and film, have a listen!

Interrogating the Interrogators: Managing Muslims in Germany

In this episode host Candace Mixon and guest Schirin Amir-Moazami discuss Amir-Moazami’s book, _Interrogating Muslims: The Liberal-Secular Matrix of Integration_ as a starting point in discussing topics such state categorizations of religion in the liberal state and considerations of religion and secularism. Through examples of German swimming classes and citizenship tests, Amir-Moazami suggests that in relational moments, there are places to look for state reinforcement of its own bodily needs and governing of subjects that cannot govern themselves.

Queens of the World | Discourse! October 2022

This month’s Discourse! welcomes back Founding Editor Chris Cotter to the host’s chair, along with guests Ting Guo and Carmen Celestini. They first discuss Queen Elizabeth II and “mourning” in Hong Kong, and then more broadly. This segues neatly into a conversation about the Filipino conspiracist who has dubbed herself the “Queen of Canada”. They talk about the Iranian protests, and “compulsory hijabs”. Finally, they have a wee rant about how religion and spirituality is presented in mental health surveys.

Secular Spaces? | Discourse! September 2022

This month’s Discourse! centres on questions of the secular and the religious in the contemporary public square. What does it mean to be a secular space? How do institutions “deal with” religious ideas and identities in such a space? We talk about religious bias in universities, how religious spokespeople affect politics, and how religious freedom sometimes trumps other forms of freedom. Tune in with host Jacob Barrett and guests Richard Irvine and Jacob Noblett to learn more!