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Politics, Kabbalah, and Beyond: Jewish Studies and the Study of Religion

In this episode, Sidney Castillo talks with Dr. Carsten Wilke about his approach to Jewish studies and his research on the development of Jewish mysticism in early modern Europe.

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Who Are the Power Worshippers?

In this episode, journalist Katherine Stewart, author of a new book about religious nationalism called The Power Worshippers, shares her perspective on the religio-political struggle for the power to shape American life today.

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Religious Literacy is Social Justice

Is Religious Literacy social justice? In this week’s podcast with Professor Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst, she discusses the University of Vermont’s new “Religious Literacy for Professionals” certificate and why religious studies does vital work for the academy.

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The Sacrality of the Secular and Philosophy of Religion

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Bradley Onishi about the ways in which philosophy of religion has thought “with” religion rather than for or against religion. “It’s possible,” he says, “to hold an enchanted secularity” if we think about religions themselves as tools for questioning our basic assumptions about the world.

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Discourse! #13 | January 2020

This decade’s first episode of Discourse! is hosted by Vivian Asimos, with guests Aled Thomas and Michael Munnick. This time, the theme is “communication” – fittingly enough. The conversation covers stories about different models of Christianity among evangelical Trump supporters, the recent resurgence of the use of “cult” in popular media, Greta Thunberg as a charismatic leader and media’s downplaying of Islamic Solidarity in the Gambian justice minister’s genocide charge at the UN against Myanmar.

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Special 2019: Only Sixty Seconds!

For our eighth(!) annual special, Only Sixty Seconds returns! This time, Chris Cotter is your host, as David G. Robertson returns to defend his 2018 crown against Bettina Schmidt, Douglas Davies and Theo Wildcroft. We may not have avoided repetition, but I do not hesitate in promising you no deviation from hilarity!

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Discourse #12 | December 2019

Religious studies scholars (and policy experts) Susan Hayward and Peter Mandaville join the Religious Studies Project for Discourse in December 2019. They discuss how classifying conflicts as religious or not can clarify–or obscure–the complexities of those conflicts. The conversation includes examples from the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and the United States. News stories referenced include: https://m.khaleejtimes.com/uae/abu-dhabi/tolerance-is-the-only-way-to-peace-say-world-leaders- https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/442726/Tehran-raps-U-S-interference-in-China-s-affairs https://www.reuters.com/article/us-myanmar-rohingya-world-court-quotebox/demonstrations-mark-case-against-myanmar-at-u-n-s-world-court-idUSKBN1YE1TD http://www.ft.lk/front-page/BBS-to-disband-after-General-Elections/44-689999 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/10/us/politics/trump-antisemitism-executive-order.html

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