RSP Remix

RSP Remix video episodes draw on our archive of over 390 episodes to curate classroom-ready content from our podcast. These short 10-15 minute episodes combine clips from earlier episodes to address common questions, issues, and themes in the study of religion, and would be ideal resources for an providing both varied perspectives on common topics and themes while also exploring what is at stake in the issue. Be sure to check out the RSP Remix video episodes on our YouTube channel.

Episodes in this playlist

  1. Visit our archives to explore the insider/outsider problem in the study of religion. We explore questions such as "What is an 'insider' or 'outsider'?" and "How do scholars of religion study and engage 'insiders'?" to begin unpacking what all is at stake in this process of group formation.
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  2. This RSP Remix answers the question "What is the world religions paradigm?" with an abridged version of our 2013 interview with James Cox.
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  3. In the first RSP Remix, Dave McConeghy guides us through recent RSP discussions of fieldwork and its impact on scholarship. This episode features excerpts from conversations with Christopher R. Cotter, Spencer Dew, Liz Bucar, Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada, Robin Veldman, Elizabeth Pérez, and Cristina Rocha.
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