David McConeghy is an independent researcher and Adjunct Faculty at Chapman University in Orange, California. He is a contributor and editor for Sacred & Sequential, an association of scholars dedicated to the study of religion and comics, and he is on the advisory committee for the AAR’s Religion and Science Fiction Group. Current research projects include the representations of demons & spirits in RPG video games, evangelical outreach at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, and a manuscript that examines the theories of sacred space that emerged alongside the unconventional evangelical theology of territorial demonology.

His interests include spatial theory, modern U.S. religious history, popular culture, and digital humanities research methods. His blog, A Lively Experiment, is an ongoing attempt to explore these topics and develop digital pedagogy and research methods for religious studies. Some of his early work on a database of textual sources of spiritual warfare manuals related to his dissertation can be found at http://www.dmcconeghy.com/spiritualwarfare/. You can follow him at Twitter @dmcconeghy.