Method and Theory in the Cognitive Sciences of Religion

podcast with the Religious Studies Project in 2014, Dr. Robert McCauley gave an overview of some of these processes cognitive scientists appeal to in accounting for religion (e.g., agent detection, theory of mind), as well as a 2015 North American Association for the Study of Religion (NAASR) conference (and thanks to their support), McCauley discusses methodological and theoretical issues within CSR. He begins by tackling the topic of “naturalism” vs. “supernaturalism” in explaining religion, moving on to how these explanations function at different levels of analysis and integration. In closing, McCauley discusses the relationship between the humanities and the sciences, some successful and not so successful CSR theories, and the interplay between explanations emphasizing cognition and culture.

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    Robert Zika says:

    Hello! I have just been listening to the speech of Mr McCauley. It reminded me my bachelor paper on truth and compromise where I was thinking about religious vs. natural sciences concepts of truth and it was fine to think about the subject of from the perspetive of cognitive sciences or behavioralism (?), which is not too common here (in the Czech Republic). It is true the cultural and social context often play more important role than we would admit. Anyway, thanks Rob


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