Robert N. McCauley was the inaugural Massee-Martin NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor at Emory University where he is currently the William Rand Kenan Jr. University Professor and the Director of the Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture.  He works in the philosophy of psychological and cognitive science and in the cognitive science of religion.  His most recent book is Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not (2011).  He is also the author (along with E. Thomas Lawson) of both Rethinking Religion: Connecting Cognition and Culture (1990) and Bringing Ritual to Mind: Psychological Foundations of Cultural Forms (2002).  He is the editor of The Churchlands and Their Critics (1996) and the co-editor of Mind and Religion: Cognitive and Psychological Foundations of Religiosity (2005).  Dr. McCauley has received grants from the ACLS, the NEH, the Lilly Endowment, the American Academy of Religion, the Council for Philosophical Studies, and other scholarly organizations. He was elected president of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology (1997-1998) and the International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion (2010-2012).