Discourse #8 (June 2019)

This month on Discourse, Breann Fallon, Carole Cusack and Ray Radford approach the Australian news from a Religious Studies perspective. We cover the appeal of Cardinal George Pell, the drama around Israel Folau, and the impact of Christianity on the recent Australian federal election results.
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    Raphael Lataster says:

    I am biased as all hell because I am also Australian and love you all dearly, but… What a great discussion! I had to laugh at the end, with Breann’s comment about our aging population, Carole’s comment on our low fertility rate, and how this won’t help a potential move away from our (Australia’s) conservatism. Maybe you making some new people would help? But in doing so, you likely will become more conservative, as studies show. Maybe we need more immigration? Another but… most migrants seem even more conservative, at least socially (note how Muslims were dead last in supporting our same sex marriage plebiscite, with Hindus and Christians around the middle, and atheists and Jews around the top). A tough challenge. I think I have some solutions; doing quite a bit of research on nationalism and immigration of late, and hope to have an article relevant to all this out this year or next. Must catch up soon.


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