Paulina is a PhD researcher in Japanese Studies at the University of Manchester, UK. Her PhD research focuses primarily on realities of local Buddhist temples and their communities in regional Japan battling depopulation and effects of Japan’s ageing society. Her project addresses questions of belonging, consequences of social change, and sustainability of Japanese Buddhist communities. Paulina’s research project is based on 12 months of ethnographic fieldwork of living at a local Buddhist temple; and is jointly funded by two UK’s research councils: Economic and Social Research Council, and Arts and Humanities Research Council; as well as by the University of Manchester through the President’s Doctoral Scholar Award. The project’s tentative title is “Buddhist temple communities in transition: the geographies of survival and community erosion in regional Japan. An ethnographic case study of a Jōdo Shinshū temple in Hiroshima Prefecture.” Paulina completed an MA in Religious Studies at Lancaster University (2014) and a BA (Hons) in Japanese Studies at the University of Manchester.