Planning a conference or other academic event? Here’s how The Religious Studies Project can offer support and promotional opportunities:

  • Pre-event promotion on RSP social media feeds reaching 2200 people a day
  • Promotion in our weekly RSP Opportunities Digest sent to 500 subscribers
  • Record and publish a special podcast featuring the conference topic that will be downloaded over 500 times.
  • Publish a post-conference report highlighting the conference on our website that receives 120,000 views a year

What is The Religious Studies Project?

The Religious Studies Project (RSP) is an international collaborative enterprise producing weekly podcasts with leading scholars on the social-scientific study of religion. In 2014 alone, the RSP website received more than 120,00k views and reached over 4,400k patrons and listeners via our lively Facebook and Twitter social media feeds. Our podcasts and written content reach many students as well. They can be (and often are) used as educational material in the classroom.

Since January 2012 we have released over 200 audio interviews on cutting-edge theoretical, methodological and empirical issues, which is available through our website, weekly essays, roundtable discussions, book reviews, resources, and conference reports, plus our weekly digest of opportunities (jobs, journals, conferences, etc). We are a non-profit organization, primarily sponsored by the British Association for the Study of Religion (BASR).

The RSP at your conference:

Members of the RSP attend a wide range of conferences all over the world each year, and we are always looking to expand. We have held discussion panels, recorded podcasts, and published conference reports for organizations such as the BASR, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, European Association for the Study of Religions, International Association for the Psychology of Religion, International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion, and several others. Having the RSP record a podcast and publish a conference report detailing your conference is a great way to provide scholarly engagement with your event long after it is over. In addition to being promoted through RSP outlets, these items can also be shared through your own websites and social media accounts, and have even been cited in publications such as JAAR (McCutcheon, 2014), Religious Education, Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, and many more.

In 2014 alone, the RSP website received more than 120,000 views and reached over 4,200 patrons and listeners via our lively Facebook and Twitter social media feeds. Our podcasts and other content reach many students as well. It can be (and often is) used as educational material in the classroom. The RSP is committed to providing open and free access to our content and resources, such as conference promotion. Our operating budget is limited, and we are appreciative of donations from organizations such as the BASR. Thus, if you are interested in having the RSP support and promote your conference, we would be most grateful if you would be willing to help with one or more of the following:

  • Display RSP promotional literature and include it in any ‘conference packs’ (i.e. a one page flyer presenting our podcast topics).
  • Waive conference registration fee for a RSP representative in order to help promote your event by recording a podcast, publishing a conference report, or holding a discussion panel.
  • Provide a room for recording podcasts.
  • Partial travel expenses (full is great too!)

The RSP is committed to supporting the academic and social scientific study of religion in general, and your conference or event specifically. As such, we both endeavor and look forward to building a successful relationship with your organization. If you would like to find out more about what the RSP can do for you, or if you have a creative way for us to collaborate with your event, please email RSP conference manager Thomas Coleman at:

Kind regards on behalf of The Religious Studies Editorial Team,

Thomas Coleman
RSP Conference Manager