The Politics of Religious Freedom and the Criminalization of Blackness

Bishop Brathwaite’s story points out to us the degree to which the ghostly histories of enslaved and colonized peoples continue to haunt the present from the graves of colonial infrastructures and through repurposed modes of colonial regulation. We can include in this the category of religion and its promised freedom as sites for such hauntings as well
Religious freedom
tisa wenger

When Religion Is Not Religion: Inside Religious Studies’ Fight for Religious Literacy in the Public Sphere

As I listened to her interview about the book and its ramifications on the Religious Studies Project, I not only appreciated her balanced and thorough approach to this topic, but found myself wanting to focus on three points that she touched on in the talk: 1) the ways in which “religion” is defined in the public sphere; 2) whether or not we should listen to “fringe” Islamophobes and their rhetoric on religion; and 3) thinking about “when Christianity is not a religion.”
public sphere

Science Fiction and the Para-Religious

Marek Sullivan
[I]t is notable how infrequently religion appears as a major theme in the personal lives of famous science fiction authors and how many, including those for whom religion is a major theme in their work, are themselves either atheists or practitioners of idiosyncratic or unorganized alternative spiritualities...
Ben Banasik
Race MoChridhe
Science Fiction
Tara Smith

God Wears a Tiara

Written by Mandy McMichael in response to a podcast by Chelsea…
Beauty pageants
Mandy McMichael
Miss America

Navigating the Religious Worlds of Science Fiction and Video Games

Marek Sullivan
There’s always another thing to see as data for religious studies, but widening the boundary for what counts as data comes with a price. Every new category is a multiplication. When your choices are infinite, then explaining your choices becomes an obligation.  
Ben Banasik
David McConeghy
Raymond Radford
Science Fiction
Tara Smith
Video Games

The God-Shaped Elephant

Marek Sullivan
Most of the health psychology of religion sub-sub-field suffers less from a God-shaped hole and more of a God-shaped elephant sitting in the room that usually goes undiscussed. The most important, but always implicit, mechanism in these studies is God.
Alex Uzdavines
David Speed
mental health
Psychology of Religion

Cosmpolitan and Cool--and Modest

Rebecca Barrett-Fox
A response to "Modest Dress Beyond the Headscarf" by Saskia…

The Garments of Latter-Day Saints as Embodied Sacred Practice

Rebecca Barrett-Fox Discussing…

Meditation on Friction

Rebecca Barrett-Fox
The barrier of the Temple Garment both shapes and impedes the outward creation of the identity of the Mormon woman.

Space for Race: Decoding Issues of Race, Belonging and Multi- Culturalism in Canada and Beyond

Many Canadians see themselves as a nation that champions human rights and diversity, alongside and entwined with ideals of secularism and religious neutrality. This often leads to disputes around what constitutes “diversity.”
two women, rabbis, and a man holding a guitar

When the Word is a Sound: Toward a Sensory Scholarship of Religion

Rebecca Barrett-Fox
Music forcefully reminds us of religion’s timebound nature and holds its own systems of rhythm and inflection—you cannot skim music the way you can cram a text.

The Important Tasks Facing American Religious Demographers

Rebecca Barrett-Fox
"By focusing entirely on cohort turnover, we may be missing some important individual-level changes in religious expression across the life course."
American religion
quantiative methods
research methods

Unnatural Narratives: Religion in Horror Stories

Supernatural horror’s depiction of religion takes place note only within fantastic spaces but can also depict the uncanny elements of religious belief within an otherwise recognizable “heimlich” space.
genre fiction
Stephen King

Just Published!: Implicit Religion Volume 21

Thomas Coleman III
Published in conjunction with the Religious Studies Project,…
implicit religion