Tyler M. Tully

Tyler M. Tully is a doctoral candidate in religious studies and the Arthur Peacocke Graduate Scholar in Science and Religion at the University of Oxford. He is an Oklahoman of settler and Native (Chickasaw) descent whose interdisciplinary teaching and research engages intersecting entanglements between religion, race, gender, science, and colonialism. He is completing his dissertation, “Critical Materialisms: Power, Place, and Personhood in White and Black 'Red' Spaces.”


Contributions by Tyler M. Tully


Supreme Court to Coulter: Negotiating Religion in the Public Sphere | Discourse! April 2023

Join Matt Sheedy, Tyler Tully, and host Candace Mixon as they discuss the ramifications of the in-progress Supreme Court case Groff vs. Dejoy, the Catholic Church’s decision to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery, and a recent controversial tweet by the conservative media pundit, Ann Coulter. In threading these discussions together, they consider religion as negotiated in the public sphere and the limits of accommodations across religious boundaries.




Epistemological Sacrifice Zones and the Decolonization of Religion

Decolonization requires changing the politics of academia's knowledge production, argues Tyler M. Tully in this response to Episode 337: Decolonizing the Study of Religion with Malory Nye.