Dr Susannah Crockford is postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University, where she works on the NARMESH – or “Narrating the Mesh” – project, investigating the contemporary narrative of the interrelation between humans and a large gamut of “nonhuman” realities and its potential for staging, challenging, and expanding the human imagination of the nonhuman. Her research interests center on the use of ethnography to explore narratives of spirituality, millenarianism, and climate change. Her doctoral thesis, entitled After the American Dream: Political Economy and Spirituality in Northern Arizona, was awarded in July 2017 by the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, following which she spent 9 months as a Research Officer working for the Information Network on New Religious Movements. She has a number of forthcoming articles and chapters on topics relevant to today’s interview coming out in Religion, State & Society, Correspondences, Nova Religio and the Dictionary of Contemporary Esotericism… so watch this space.