Martin Lepage is a doctoral student in Religious Sciences at Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada). As the Archive Manager for the RSP, he is primarily dedicated to converting our podcasts into an even more useful online resource.

He has completed his Master’s degree in Literary Studies from Université Laval (Canada). His Master’s thesis brought to light the symbolic and archetypal influences of spiritual representations from the Egyptian Book of the Dead on the narrative thread in the first novels of the Quebecer author Yvon Rivard.

He is currently working on neopaganism and contemporary witchcraft in Canada within a feminist perspective. He is working to finish his Ph. D. project entitled: ““Magical” practices and the construction of gender and sexual identities in Montreal’s neopaganism.” Specializing in the socio-anthropological study of contemporary religions and representations of gender and sexual identities, he is interested in the theories of queer feminism and in “meaning itineraries” through personal and collective spiritual or magical practices that are negotiated in reaction to religious and social gender norms.

Some of his research is available on