Eoin O’Mahony

Eoin O'Mahony is an assistant lecturer in the Dept of Geography at St Patrick's College / DCU in Dublin. A sociologist by training, he completed a PhD in geography in 2014. The thesis, completed at Maynooth University, was concerned with the places of the secular and the sacred in Ireland.

His research interests are varied including derelict spaces in Dublin city, the politics of warehouse worship space and housing policy. He is hoping to single-handedly break the hegemony of precarious academic labour by tweeting at @ownohmanny.

Contributions by Eoin O'Mahony


Encounters Between Buddhism and the West

In this story is a continuation of "dissident orientalism", a conflict inherent within the colonial project wherein communities and personal trajectories become embedded within local religious contexts. A distinction made, both in Ireland and Burma, between native religion and the religion of the coloniser serves ...




“The Study of Religions in Ireland: People, Places, Projects” - 2015 ISASR Conference Report

The Study of Religions in Ireland: People, Places, Projects” Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions (ISASR), Trinity College Dublin, May 11th 2015. Conference report for The Religious Studies Project by Dr. Eoin O’Mahony, Department of Geography, St Patrick’s College DCU




Geographies of Religion and the Secular in Ireland

In this broad-ranging interview, O’Mahony eruditely demonstrates what geography can bring to the academic study of ‘religion’ and presents Ireland as a fascinating context within which to examine processes of boundary-making between the contested constructs of ‘religion’ and the ‘secular’.



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