Dr Afe Adogame is Senior Lecturer in World Christianity & Religious Studies at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Divinity. He holds a PhD in the History of Religions from the University of Bayreuth in Germany, where he served as a Teaching & Senior Research Fellow before joining the University of Edinburgh in 2005. His broad research interests includes interrogating new dynamics of religious experience(s) and expression(s) in Africa and the African Diaspora, with a particular focus on African Christianity and New Indigenous Religious Movements; the interconnectedness between religion and migration, globalization, politics, economy, media and the civil society. He has an extensive list of relevant publications, including his books “The African Christian Diaspora: New Currents and Emerging Themes in World Christianity” and “Celestial Church of Christ: The Politics of Cultural Identity in a West African Prophetic-Charismatic Movement” and many edited volumes, including “Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora: The Appropriation of a Scattered Heritage” and “The Public Face of African New Religious Movements in Africa“, published in October 2014 by Ashgate.