Martin LepageThe RSP will be returning to your ears on Monday with a jam-packed season of excellent podcasts from the BASR Annual Conference, ASR Annual Meeting, SISR/ISSR Conference, the XXI IAHR World Congress, and more. In anticipation of this, we have some exciting news for you… (those of you who follow us on social media might already have an idea about what it is…)

Over the past year, Martin Lepage – our wonderful archive manager, and new interviewer – has been working hard, with assistance from Travis Cooper, to produce transcripts of five podcasts from the RSP archive. These are our podcasts on The Phenomenology of Religion, Cognitive Approaches to the Study of Religion, Invented Religions, The Secularisation Thesis, and Religion, Neoliberalism, and Consumer CultureWe hope that these transcriptions will make it much easier for our listeners to follow what is being said in these podcasts, make the podcasts more accessible, allow them to be cited more easily, and facilitate/complement their use in teaching.

This is an area we would like to develop further, but we need to know if it’s worth our while. If you find these transcriptions useful, please let us know!

All of these transcriptions have been produced by volunteers. If you would be willing to help with these efforts, or know of any sources of funding for the broader transcription project, please let us know!

Likewise, if you have any comments about any aspect of the RSP, please let us know!


Thanks for reading. And, thanks Martin! 

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