Editors’ Picks, Summer 2018: Re-Experiencing Religious Experience

During our “summer break”, various members of the RSP editorial team will be sharing their thoughts on some podcasts from the RSP archive that they think you should listen to (again). Editors’ Picks, if you will. These aren’t necessarily ‘favourites’, but just some podcasts that came to mind that the author has found useful for whatever reason. We hope you enjoy these musings, and that you’ll maybe share some of your own in the comments, on social media, or by sending us an audio or video clip. And we’ll be back with new content on 17 September! Thanks for listening.

Continuing the ‘series’ is RSP Managing Editor, Tommy Coleman.

If I was marooned on a desert island and could only take one book with me I’d pick up my copy of Ann Taves’ David Gordon Wilson’s interview with Taves, entitled Religious Experience. The podcast, which is based on the game changing ideas found in RER, is also special for being our 50th episode. Anyone interested in stepping out the front door of their own discipline will find this podcast, like the book, contains tools for thinking you’d better not leave home without. Additionally, both serve as building blocks to her more recent work on Worldviews and Ways of Life. Have a listen…

You can listen to the podcast below, view and download from the original post, or find it on iTunes and other podcast providers.


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