Vincent Wimbush

Vincent L. Wimbush, Ph.D., is a scholar of religion, with particular commitment to fathoming the complex phenomena and dynamics named and/or masked by the fraught category “scriptures.” He is currently director of the Institute for Signifying Scriptures (, a trans-disciplinary out-of-the-field-box scholarly organization. He has previously taught as full-time professorial appointments in New York City (Union Seminary and Columbia University) and California (Claremont School of Theology, Claremont Graduate University). Among his book publications most pertinent to the current conversation are: African Americans and the Bible: Sacred Texts and Social Textures (ed.); White Men’s Magic: Scripturalization and Slavery; MisReading America (ed.); Refractions of the Scriptural (ed.); Scripturalizing the Human (ed.); and Scripturalectics: The Management of Meaning.


Contributions by Vincent Wimbush


Scripturalization and the Performance of the Scriptural

Why is the mimetically scriptural presumed to be good, asks Vincent Wimbush in this response to our interview with Richard Newton on "Roots as Scripture and Scriptures as Roots."