Vaia Touna

Vaia Touna is Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama. She is author of Fabrications of the Greek Past: Religion, Tradition, and the Making of Modern Identities (Brill 2017), editor of Strategic Acts in the Study of Identity: Towards a Dynamic Theory of People and Place (Equinox 2019) and co-editor of Fieldnotes in the Critical Study of Religion (Bloomsbury 2023). Her research interests focus on the sociology of religion; historiography; acts of identification and social formation as they relate to discourses of the past; as well as theoretical and methodological issues concerning the study of “religion” in the ancient Graeco-Roman world.


Contributions by Vaia Touna


Identity or Identification?

Identity or Identification? In this second podcast for Identities? Week, the Culture on the Edge group address the issue of religious identity. Is our identity – cultural, religious or other – something which causes us to act, or something which we choose to mobilise in certain circumstances? And what part do scholars have in reifying these discourses?