Sarah Griffis

Sarah Griffis is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. Her work focuses on early Christians’ relationship with the classical past. Most recently, she has attended to the crafting of Christian texts, especially martyr literature, as a practice of both forming distinctively Christian ideology and legibly inscribing this ideology in forms indebted to classical tradition. An exploration of Christian thinkers’ explicit invocation of this literary and performative past can be found in her article, “Christian Interaction with Greek Tragedy in the Second and Third Centuries,” in Classical Outlook.


Contributions by Sarah Griffis


Using Archaeology to Learn about Christian Diversity and Martyr Shrines

Sarah Griffis highlights how Morehouse demonstrates the central issue of studying diverse social groups in antiquity: "how do you get something new out of what’s already there before it? Whatever it is that’s new needs to be intelligible enough to be compelling and persuasive."