Sam Gill

Sam Gill, Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado Boulder, is author of many books and articles recently Religion and Technology into the Future (2018), Creative Encounters, Appreciating Difference (2019), The Proper Study of Religion: Building on Jonathan Z. Smith (2020) winner of the American Academy of Religion's 2021 Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion in the category of Analytical-Descriptive Studies, Dancing Graffiti: Stories from my Life (2020), Looking Forward in the Rearview Mirror: Travel Journal Selections with Reflection (2021) and a series of essay/photography books on the theme “Aesthetic of Impossibles” including On Photography (2021) and On Moving: A Biological and Philosophical Account of Human Distinctiveness (2022).


Contributions by Sam Gill


Charting the Playful & Proper Study of Religion

Andie Alexander is joined by Sam Gill to talk about his recent book _The Proper Study of Religion_, and they discuss questions of comparison, difference, storytracking, and playfulness in the academic study of religion. Be sure to tune in!