Regina Hansen

Regina Hansen is Master Lecturer in Rhetoric at Boston University’s College of General Studies.  Her relevant publications include Supernatural, Humanity and the Soul: On the Highway to Hell and Back  (Palgrave 2014, with Susan George),  Roman Catholicism in Fantastic Film (McFarland, 2011), and the Stephen King edition of the journal Science Fiction Film and Television  (Summer 2017, with Simon Brown). She has also written and presented on The X-Files, demonic possession narratives, and angels in horror. Her work on Halloween and supernatural subjects has appeared in The Conversation, The Wall Street Journal, and the children’s magazines Calliope and Dig Into History.


Contributions by Regina Hansen


Unnatural Narratives: Religion in Horror Stories

Supernatural horror’s depiction of religion takes place note only within fantastic spaces but can also depict the uncanny elements of religious belief within an otherwise recognizable “heimlich” space.