Rachel Shillitoe

Dr. Rachael Shillitoe is a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. Her research is primarily in the sociology of religion and sits in conversation with childhood studies, education, and the anthropology of religion and ethics.  She is currently completing a monograph examining children’s experiences of collective worship in schools, Negotiating Religion and Nonreligion in Childhood: Experiences of Worship in Schools (under contract with Palgrave Macmillan, in their Childhood and Youth Series).


Contributions by Rachel Shillitoe


Exploring the Richness of Nonreligion

"Josh Bullock’s and David Herbert’s study advances our understanding of un/belief, belonging, and the sociality of nonreligion across different countries and generations," writes Dr. Rachel Shillitoe in response to Episode #313 "Unbelief as a Social Phenomenon"