Peter J. Bräunlein

Peter J. Bräunlein holds an extracurricular professorship in the study of religion from the University of Bremen, and a Masters and a Doctoral degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Freiburg. He conducted extensive fieldwork on indigenous cosmologies and Catholicism in the Philippines, and did research on material religion in museums. He has taught at various universities in Germany and is currently a senior researcher in the project ‘The Materiality of (Forced) Migration’ in Goettingen. Areas of Interest and Research Focus: Southeast Asia, Europe; material religion; migration; museology; film and media studies; ghosts, spirits and the uncertainties of modernity.


Contributions by Peter J. Bräunlein


The Moral Narratives of New Materialism and Posthumanism

Who or what are the actors in Posthuman and New Materialist narratives, asks Peter J. Bräunlein in this response to our interview with Paul-Francois Tremlett. In the face of populist "great simplifiers like Trump Bolsonaro or Modi," what will scholars do with our increasingly complex and diverse narratives about religious change?