Mary Jo Neitz

Professor Mary Jo Neitz holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago. She teaches in the Department of Women's and Gender studies at the University of Missouri.

Her work includes book chapters on gender and religion, such as "Dis/Location Engaging Feminist Inquiry in the Sociology of Religion" (2003), "Queering the Dragonfest: Changing Sexualities in a Post-Patriarchal religion' (2000), and "Gender and Culture: Challenges to the Sociology of Religion" (2004).


Contributions by Mary Jo Neitz


Gender, queer theory and religion

In this interview, Dr. Mary Jo Neitz continues the conversation about religion and gender by focusing on theories from LGBT studies and queer studies. Using her work as an ethnographer, as well as the work of American philosopher Judith Butler, Neitz distinguishes the categories ...