Maria Nita

Maria Nita is a Lecturer in Religious Studies at the Open University. Her recent research and publications have been focused on climate activism and protest rituals, as well as theoretical approaches to understanding cultural change in the age of climate change. More broadly she is interested in the British counterculture and the cultural processes that enabled its development, in the West. She is also conducting ethnographic research inside the Extinction Rebellion Movement, via participant observation. She is particularly interested in the artistic and performative dimensions in this movement and the impact of these activities on both the rebels and the public.


Contributions by Maria Nita


New Types of Storytelling for the Non-Religious

Maria Nita says we've gone beyond new stories for the nonreligious in this response to our episode with Tim Stacey. We see "new types of storytelling," she contends, and this opens exciting ethnographic opportunities for future scholarship.




Religious Festivals during COVID-19 | Discourse! September 2020

How will religious festivals continue amid COVID-19 restrictions? How are religious communities around the world adapting to the pressures of 2020's global pandemic? In this September episode of Discourse!, the RSP's Sidney Castillo speaks with guests Maria Nita, Juan Manuel Rubio Arevalo, and Stefanie Butendieck.