Mandy McMichael

Mandy McMichael is Associate Director of Ministry Guidance and J. David Slover Assistant Professor of Religion at Baylor University. Her first book, Miss America's God: Faith and Identity in America's Oldest Pageant, will be published by Baylor University Press in November 2019.


Contributions by Mandy McMichael


God Wears a Tiara

In this response Mandy McMichael highlights the advantages of interpretative frame used by Chelsea Belanger in her interview on Christian beauty Pageants. "Noting the tendency of the few scholars who do study pageants to default to the Miss America Pageant," McMichael explains, "Belanger asks listeners to consider the diversity of pageant systems in America as a subject in need of study. She thus steps outside the Miss America spotlight and into its far-reaching shadow to consider how religion functions in other pageant systems in the United States."