Luis Millones

Dr. Luis Millones is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology of Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima-Peru. With more than 20 books edited and published, he is one of the main researchers of andean and comparative religion.

Key works in his wide bibliography are "Despues de la muerte. Voces del limbo y el infierno en el territorio andino", "Perú indígena: Poder y religión en los andes centrales, "Ensayos de historia andina", among others.

In his work, Dr. Millones, combines historical and anthropological research to give a global view of what is the cultural inheritance of Peru.

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Contributions by Luis Millones


Of Demons, Saints and Heaven: Andean religious beliefs in Peru

In his interview with Sidney Castillo, Dr. Luis Millones discusses some of the traditions that have formed the basis for his research, particularly in the northern coast, northern highlands and south highlands of Peru. He mentions that, with the impact of colonization,...



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