K. Mitch Hodge

Dr. K. Mitch Hodge is a cognitive scientist and philosopher of mind who focuses on the cognitive science of religion. He is an associate lecturer, as well as alumni, at the Institute of Cognition and Culture in Queen’s University Belfast and a research associate at LEVYNA: Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion.


Contributions by K. Mitch Hodge


Not Just Any Body Will Do!

White’s research, in conjunction with my own and others’, calls into question a theoretical assumption held by many CSR scholars that the body plays a negligible role in beliefs about supernatural agents. Dr. Claire White’s research addresses the religious topic of reincarnation that, although perhaps more adhered to by human cultures across time and space than the belief that we have only one earthly life followed by eternal reward or punishment, has received little serious scientific investigation—especially from the question through which Dr. White addresses it.