Jennifer Griggs

Jennifer Griggs is an independent researcher, who completed her PhD on the hermeneutics of mysticism in relation to the Syriac Orthodox monastic tradition, at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Jennifer has been a Research Associate with the Samvada Centre for Research Resources, New Delhi, since 2014.


Contributions by Jennifer Griggs


From Secularisation to Religious Diversity: Understanding Religion in Europe

It may be said that secularisation has made the West religiously illiterate, in that it struggles to accommodate those who do not espouse its secular values, particularly the separation of religion from the state (la laïcité).In her interview with the RSP, Grace Davie provides a survey of the history of the discipline of sociology in the study of religion, and considers the manner in which it has developed in British universities, in contrast to European models.