Jed Forman

Jed is a doctoral student in Religious Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara. Particularly, he is interested in how Buddhist attempts to negotiate epistemology and ontology may have important ramifications on modern day debates about consilience. His studies explore how cognitive structures discovered with the help of cognitive science can help bridge scientific ontology with epistemological discoveries found by Western philosophers. Because similar debates arose in the Tibetan Buddhist literature, Jed believes the fruit of those debates can be helpful in bridging this theoretical gap.


Contributions by Jed Forman


Theologically Incorrect

If neither of these concepts, physical or mental continuity between reincarnations, are theologically incorrect, it’s hard to make the case that they are borne out of some more fundamental agent-recognition cognitive structures. Foremost, I want to commend Dr. Claire White on her research on the cognitive science of reincarnation beliefs. Examining how humans cognitively recognize agents based on the continuity...