Ingie Hovland

Ingie Hovland is a cultural and historical anthropologist who writes on Christianity. Her research interests include religion and colonialism, religion and gender, language-use, the body, space/place, material religion, and anthropology and history. She is the author of Mission Station Christianity: Norwegian Missionaries in Colonial Natal and Zululand, Southern Africa 1850-1890. She is a subject editor at the Marginalia Review of Books. Her website can be found at


Contributions by Ingie Hovland


Evangelical Christian Space is Not a Category, It’s a Relationship – But With What?

On the one hand, many scholars in religious studies rightfully state that much work has been done on religion and space, and, on the other hand, many anthropologists (including myself) still feel confident claiming that there is a dearth of work on this topic. The topic of religion and space has been tackled a couple of times by the Religious Studies Project, with interviews and responses featuring...