Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst

Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst, PhD, is associate professor of religion and associate director of the Humanities Center at the University of Vermont. Her research centers on Islam and Muslims in South Asia; theories and histories of religion, race, and language; and imperialism. She is author of Indian Muslim Minorities and the 1857 Rebellion: Religion, Rebels, and Jihad (2017—out in paperback in late 2019!). Morgenstein Fuerst is also the author of numerous articles about Islam, Islamic studies, and religion in South Asia.


Contributions by Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst


Religious Literacy is Social Justice

Is Religious Literacy social justice? In this week's podcast with Professor Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst, she discusses the University of Vermont’s new “Religious Literacy for Professionals” certificate and why religious studies does vital work for the academy.