Emily Stratton

Emily Stratton is a PhD student in religious studies at Indiana University, Bloomington. With a primary focus upon contemporary African Christianities, she is also an active participant in the university’s African Studies Program. Her interests include relationships between religion and economics, mass media, and the public sphere, as well as religious authenticity, identity construction, scholarly taxonomies, and broader trends in Christianities around the world.


Contributions by Emily Stratton


African, Christian… Fake? Explorations in Religious Authenticity

When Adogame rhetorically asks, “which kind of Christianity is authentic,” he implies that conversations on religious authenticity revolve around evaluating various strains of interpretation and practice. Or, put another way, that religious authenticity is a matter of orthodoxy and orthopraxy. But is it? A highlight of Afe Adogame’s interview is his emphasis upon the brimming capacity for African Christianities, whether in Western or African settings,...