Ella Bock

Ella Bock

Since 2018, Ella has worked to produce the weekly Religious Studies Opportunities Digest. She holds a BA in International Affairs with a minor in Political Economy from Lewis & Clark College. In August 2020, Ella began as VISTA Volunteer Coordinator at Legal Aid Chicago. In her free time, Ella enjoys trying out new recipes, gardening, biking, and all kinds of arts and crafts projects!

Contributions by Ella Bock


Editors' Picks, Summer 2018: Disenchanting India

This week, Ella Bock tells us why she thinks you should re-listen to our interview with Johannes Quack on Indian Rationalism, and a Relational Approach to Non-religion: "A great listen for better understanding the boundary between religion and non-religion, especially outside of a western context!"




Hindu Traditions in Contemporary British Communities

This podcast explores how Hindu belief and traditions have been incorporated into modern western practices. An overview of the British kirtan community and the Art of Living movement is followed by a discussion of authenticity, reconciliation of tradition and modernity, and the influence of popular culture.



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