Elisabeth Becker

Elisabeth Becker is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Yale University. She ethnographically studies mosques in European capitals, explaining how and why Muslim communities respond to stigma in different ways. She is also the primary investigator for the Muslims for American Progress Project in New York City (led by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding). She has published her academic work in the Journal for the American Academy of Religion, Ethnic & Racial Studies and Social Science & Medicine. She also writes for mainstream publications, including The Washington Post, UN Dispatch, Kveller, Global Dialogue and Policy Trajectories. She further works as qualitative research consultant for international research organizations


Contributions by Elisabeth Becker


Paths to Sexual Ethics

Paths need not be linear nor our place on them stagnant, rather we can draw from the past and draw it into the present moment, revisiting and revising as we ask new questions in enduring, and uniting, struggles over ethics in sexuality and beyond.