Caroline Blyth

Dr Caroline Blyth is a lecturer of Religious Studies in the School of Humanities at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Arts. Her research and teaching focuses on representations of gender and sexuality in religious discourses and popular culture, using feminist and queer theories to inform her work. She is currently writing a book about the biblical character Delilah and her representations as femme fatale in popular culture, and is also working concurrently on a project that will consider the complex relationships between religion and gender violence. Caroline is also involved in a new student engagement project, Hidden Perspectives: Bringing the Arts out of the Closet, which provides a platform for LGBTI student voices within the Faculty of Arts teaching and research community.

Contributions by Caroline Blyth


Religion, Gender, and Gender Violence

In this podcast Dr Caroline Blyth discusses her research on 'theologies of rape' and gender violence as enacted against males and masculinity, particularly within the Christian Church. Blyth also discusses her upcoming edited series Rape Culture, Gender Violence and Religion (edited with Dr Emily Colgan and Dr Katie Edwards).



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