Anna Strhan

Anna Strhan joined the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Kent as a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in 2012, and took up my post as lecturer following that. Having studied in Theology and Religious Studies (Cambridge), Literature, Philosophy and Religion (Sussex) and Education (London), she now works primarily in the sociology of religion, but retains an ongoing interest in theoretical questions about the conditions of knowledge, meaning and ethics. She is currently completing a monograph entitled ‘The Faithful Child: Evangelicals and the Formation of Children in Modern Britain’, examining the significance of childhood and parenting in British evangelicalism in different contexts ranging from everyday family and church life, formal and information educational contexts, to wider public debates about childhood, parenting and education concerned with the place of religion and secularism in contemporary society.


Contributions by Anna Strhan


Evangelicalism and Civic Space

In this podcast, Anna Strhan talks to Katie Aston about her research among evangelical Christians, exploring their search for coherence in the contemporary city. How do the members of conservative Anglican congregations negotiate their place in a secular multicultural society, ...