Anja Pogacnik

Anja Pogacnik is a doctoral student in the department of Religious Studies at the University of Edinburgh focusing on South Asian religious diaspora in the UK. Her doctoral research project looks at religious change in the Jain community in Leicester, England, and aims to determine the reasons behind the differences in practice of Jainism in diaspora and India. She has a BA in Cultural Studies from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and a MSc in Religious Studies from the University of Edinburgh. She is generally interested in South Asian religious traditions, religion and diaspora, women and religion, NRMs, and internet technologies, though she sometimes digresses to liking everyday stuff like photography, blues, tea, summer, and hanging out with people. She also likes to travel, though her supervisor won’t let her do it for fun till she finishes her PhD. For more info (on the more boring side of her life) see her Academia page. Otherwise, Instagram will do.


Contributions by Anja Pogacnik


Sri Lankan Buddhism and Colonialism

Usually one of the first associations upon hearing ‘Sri Lankan Buddhism’ is either the religious violence that swept across the island in the recent decades, or the Pali canon and Theravada Buddhism. In this interview with Anja Pogacnik, Dr. Stephen Berkwitz doesn’t really speak of either.