Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at Lancaster University, UK, and Co-Editor of the journal Fieldwork in Religion. Having studied at universities in Manchester, Chicago, Liverpool and Oxford, Andrew Dawson holds degrees in the study of religion and the social sciences. Research interests centre upon religion and late-modern society, with particular focus upon South America and Brazil. He has published books, articles, chapters, and encyclopaedia pieces on religion and society in Brazil and South America. His books include Santo Daime: A New World Religion, Sociology of Religion, Summoning the Spirits, and New Era - New Religions: Religious Transformation in Contemporary Brazil

Contributions by Andrew Dawson


Santo Daime

"Pretty much unprepared for the sensory feast of a Santo Daime ritual, I was visually struck by the colourful ‘uniforms’ and brightly decorated ceremonial space. The strongly rhythmical and fervently sung ‘hymns’ also made an impact, as did the powerful smell and bitter taste of the religious sacrament which practitioners call ‘Daime’.



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