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ISKCON And When New Religions Aren’t So New Anymore

A roundtable discussion considering the future of ISKCON and what happens when religions are no longer ‘new’.
As a follow-up to our interview with Kim Knott on ISKCON in Britain, this podcast is a roundtable discussion at the ISKCON 50 conference at Bath Spa University, 2016.


Religious Studies Project Opportunities Digest – 16 February 2016

Calls for papers Journal: Open Theology Special issue: Alternative Religiosities in the Soviet Union and the Communist East-Central Europe: Formations, Resistances and Manifestations Deadline: June 30, 2016 More information Journal: Culture and Society: Journal of Social Research Special issue: Religion and Belief in the Public Sphere of Eastern Europe Deadline: February 28, 2016 More information Conference: ISASR: Religion […]


Religious Studies Project Opportunities Digest – 2 February 2016

Dear subscriber, We are pleased to bring you this week’s opportunities digest and would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has submitted calls for papers, event notifications, job vacancies, etc. On that note, we would also like to encourage you to continue to do so (and invite those who remain hesitant to begin)! It is super easy to have a Religious Studies call […]


Teaching and Learning in Contemporary Religious Studies

Today we are joined by Dr Dominic Corrywright of Oxford Brookes University in the UK, to discuss current developments in higher education pedagogy, the challenges and opportunities that these present for Religious Studies, and some practical examples from Dominic’s own experience.


Religious Studies Project Opportunities Digest – 3 November 2015

Calls for papers Conference: Art Approaching Science and Religion May 11–13, 2016 Åbo Akademi University, Sweden Deadline: June 15, 2016 More information Conference: AAG 2016 March 29–April 2, 2016 San Francisco, CA, USA Deadline: November 6, 2015 More information Events Conference: Moral Horizons December 1–4, 2015 University of Melbourne, Australia More information Conference: New Zealand […]


“Understanding Religious Change” – 2015 ASR Conference Report

77th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR), 20-22 August 2015, in Chicago, Illinois. Conference report for The Religious Studies Project by Amanda Schutz, PhD student in the School of Sociology, University of Arizona.
The theme of this year’s annual ASR meeting was a familiar one among social science conferences: understanding change. In her presidential address, “Complex Religion:


Human Consciousness & Religious Reality

Essentially, Kripal calls out the religious studies world for not having a sufficient appreciation of the power of imagination and invites scholars and the interested public into a new comparativism that moves away from strict materialism.
It was real to me. There I was, curled into a corner, comforter wrapped around my shaking limbs and sweating torso, twisted in terror in the sinister hours of the morning.


Religious Studies Project Opportunities Digest – 22 September 2015

Calls for papers Book proposals: New Religious Movements De Gruyter Open Deadline: October 30, 2015 More information Conference: BSA: Global Societies: Fragmenting and Connecting April 6–8, 2016 Aston University, UK Deadline: October 16, 2015 More information Conference: Media, Religion and Publics August 1–4, 2016 Seoul, South Korea Deadline: December 15, 2015 More information Conference: ESSSAT: […]


Religious Studies Project Opportunities Digest – 8 September 2015

Calls for papers Journal: Open Theology Special Issue: Topical Issue on Psychotherapy and Religious Values Deadline: December 31, 2015 More information Conference: EIRAAR: Globalizing the Humanities May 6–7, 2016 University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA Deadline: February 15, 2016 More information Conference: Religious Movements in a Globalized World: Korea, Asia, and Beyond Daejin University, South Korea July 5–10, 2016 Deadline: February 15, 2016 […]


‘Religious Innovation and Religious Change in the 21st Century’ – 2015 CESNUR Conference Report

CESNUR (Centre for Studies on New Religions, Torino) Annual Conference 2015, Tallinn University, Estonia, 17-20 June. Conference report for The Religious Studies Project by Prof. Carole M. Cusack, Department of Studies in Religion, The University of Sydney
The 2015 CESNUR conference was held at University of Tallin, Estonia, and was organized by Dr Ringo Ringvee (The Estonian Ministry of Interior).


Suspicious Minds? Mentalizing, Religious Hypocrisy and Apostasy

I am interested in how displays by religious paragons which contradict expressed statements of belief may be uniquely corrosive to the religious certainty of believers.
Put simply, ‘Theory of Mind’ (ToM) and its associated near-cognates (mentalizing, mind reading, social cognition) refer to the socially indispensable human capacity to attribute mental states to others, …


Religious Studies Opportunities Digest – 24 March 2015

Call for papers Anthology: New Religious Movements in Asian History Deadline: April 28, 2015 More information Events Science and Religion: Exploring the spectrum May 26–28, 2015 York University Toronto, Canada More information Moving beyond “us” and “them”: Challenging discourses of religious otherness and building a more inclusive society June 1, 2015 Cumberland Lodge, UK More […]


Dressing in Skins of Gods: New Approaches to Aztec Religion

Recent scholarship on Mesoamerican religions has been influenced by Mircea Eliade in a persistent fashion that has yet to be critically addressed.
Molly Bassett is an enthusiastic advocate for studying Mesoamerican religion, a welcome new direction in Religious Studies. She credits the critical mentorship of David Carrasco, Neil L. Rudenstine Professor of Latin America Studies at the Harvard Divinity School. Although she does not mention this, his influence makes her an intellectual “granddaughter” of Mircea Eliade, …


Religious Authority in a Post-Religious Society

Since the 1980s, social and economic pressures to stay within mainstream society have become more prominent, and spiritually minded individuals often seek more limited, loosely bonded participation in New Age-style modes of thought.
The question of charismatic and spiritual authority has become ever more relevant in present day Japan, which is an exceedingly “non-religious but spiritual” nation.