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Australian Religion Studies Review

Australian Religion Studies Review is the leading peer-reviewed journal of the Pacific region dealing with all aspects of the academic study of religion.

Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion is an interdisciplinary journal seeking an engagement between scholars working across a range of disciplinary fields, including anthropology, cultural studies, critical theory and gender studies, and postcolonial studies

Entangled Religion

Published by the Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Dynamics in the History of Religions” as part of the Center for Religious Studies (CERES) at Ruhr University Bochum. “Entangled Religions” is a peer-reviewed online periodical and has been established to channel research on religious contact and transfer in past and present times into a single journal. Its purpose is to provide a platform for bringing together scholars of various academic specializations – ranging from philologies to the social sciences, and also bridging historical and contemporary research.

Fieldwork in Religion

Fieldwork in Religion is an internationally peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal. The journal publishes articles, review essays and book reviews relevant to the theoretical engagement with and practical undertaking of fieldwork in religion.



Forum, a peer-reviewed journal for postgraduate students working in culture and the arts.

History of Religions

History of Religions strives to publish scholarship that reflects engagement with particular traditions, places, and times and yet also speaks to broader methodological and/or theoretical issues in the study of religion. Toward encouraging critical conversations in the field, HR also publishes review articles and comprehensive book reviews by distinguished authors.

JASANAS: Journal of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies

The Journal of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies publishes scholarly articles on alternative spiritualities and New Age studies. The first issue published papers from an international conference, ASANAS, hosted by the Open University and supported by the British Academy. The Journal is multi-disciplinary, initially appearing annually, and now published to an ad hoc schedule. JASANAS was an early adopter of open-access and print-on-demand publishing. Online previews of many papers are available here and on Amazon, with paperback copies also via other online retailers.

Journal of Childhood and Religion

The Journal of Childhood and Religion, a peer-reviewed online journal, provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars representing a wide range of research fields, interests, and perspectives that relate to children and religion.  Such fields may include but are not limited to religious studies, biblical studies, the range of human sciences, pastoral psychology, practical theology, pastoral theology, religious education, psychology of religion, sociology of religion, counseling psychology, social work, and cultural studies.

Journal for Culture and Religious Theory

This journal is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to both the disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship.

Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality

Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality (JMMS) is an online, scholarly, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal. JMMS is published twice a year with provision for other special editions.

Journal of Religion and Society

The journal promotes the study of religious groups and beliefs among the various peoples of the world, past and present, with emphasis on American religions and the Western religious traditions.

Journal of Religion In Europe

The peer-reviewed Journal of Religion in Europe (JRE) provides a forum for multi-disciplinary research into the complex dynamics of religious discourses and practices in Europe, both historically and contemporary. The Journal’s underlying idea is that religion in Europe is characterized by a variety of pluralisms.

Journal of Religion in Japan

The peer-reviewed Journal of Religion in Japan (JRJ) constitutes a venue for academic research in the complex and multifaceted field of Japanese religion. The Journal takes into consideration Japanese religious phenomena through their historical developments and contemporary evolution both within and outside of Japan. It explores the interplay between religion and society, religion and culture, religion and media.

Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture (JRMDC)

This journal was launched in 2012. It provides reviews, papers, links and much more on religion, media and digital culture.

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

This journal is a multi-disciplinary journal that publishes articles, research notes, and book reviews on the social scientific study of religion. Published articles are representative of the best current theoretical and methodological treatments of religion.

Journal of Contemporary Religion

Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture is a web-based, peer-reviewed journal committed to the academic exploration, analysis and interpretation, from a range of disciplinary perspectives, of the interrelations and interactions between religion and religious expression and popular culture, broadly defined as the products of contemporary mass culture.

Journal of the American Academy of Religion

This international quarterly journal publishes top scholarly articles that cover the full range of world religious traditions together with provocative studies of the methodologies by which these traditions are explored.

Marburg Journal of Religion

Material Religion

Material Religion is an international, peer-reviewed journal which seeks to explore how religion happens in material culture.

Method & Theory in the Study of Religion

Method & Theory in the Study of Religion (MTSR) publishes articles, notes, book reviews and letters which explicitly address the problems of methodology and theory in the academic study of religion.

Nordic Journal of Religion and Society

Nordic Journal of Religion and Society (NJRS) is an arena for all disciplines that study the field of relations between religion, churches, religious institutions, culture and society. NJRS is the only Nordic journal devoted to these issues. Sociology of religion is a key discipline, but NJRS also includes contributions from scholars in psychology of religion, religious studies, church history and theology.

Nova Religion

Nova Religio presents scholarly interpretations and examinations of emergent and alternative religious movements. Original research, perspectives on the study of new religions, literature reviews, and conference updates keep scholars well informed on a wide range of topics.


Numen (NU) publishes papers representing the most recent scholarship in all areas of the history of religions ranging from antiquity to contemporary history. It covers a diversity of geographical regions and religions of the past as well as of the present.


Temenos is the journal of the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion. The journal was founded in 1965 as a joint-publication with the learned societies of Comparative Religion in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to promote the research and communication of ideas between scholars. Temenos publishes scholarly articles, academic discussions, conference reports and book reviews within the field of the study of religion and culture.

The Journal of Religion

The Journal of Religion is one of the publications by which the Divinity School of The University of Chicago seeks to promote critical, hermeneutical, historical, and constructive inquiry into religion.



RELIGION is an internationally recognized peer-reviewed journal, publishing original scholarly research in the comparative and interdisciplinary study of religion. It is published four times annually: two regular issues; and two special issues (or forums) on focused topics, generally under the direction of guest editors.


Religious Studies

Religious Studies is an international journal devoted to the problems of the philosophy of religion as they arise out of classical and contemporary discussions and from varied religious traditions.

Review of Religious Research


Sociology of Religion

Sociology of Religion, the official journal of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, is published quarterly for the purpose of advancing scholarship in the sociological study of religion.

The Sermon Content Review

The Sermon Content Review (SCR) is a bi-monthly publication of the Center for the Study of Information and Religion (CSIR) at Kent State University.  The focus of SCR is on the social construction of knowledge and the influence of sermons in that process.

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  1. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies

    Archives des sciences sociales des religions

    Revista de Estudos da Religião

    Religious Studies in Japan

    Revista Sociedad y Religión

    Religião e Sociedade

  2. I am the editor of the American Diversity Report which includes a section on religious diversity and has been listed as a resource with Harvard’s Religious Pluralism project. Let me know if I can be of use to you – I am an award-winning author of religious diversity books and a religion blogger with the Huffington Post.

  3. There’s also: Religion and Literature (Univ of Notre Dame); Christianity & Literature; Literature and Theology.

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