Tatjana Schnell

Dr. Tatjana Schnell is associate professor at Innsbruck University. She is head of the research group ‘Empirical research on meaning in life’. After studying in Göttingen (GER), London (UK), Heidelberg (GER) and Cambridge (UK), she obtained her doctorate at Trier University (GER). Her work focuses on fundamental questions of how to conceptualize and measure meaning in life, as well as on the nexus of meaning in life and secularity, religion, work, well-being, health, and civic engagement. She has developed the Sources of Meaning and Meaning in Life Questionnaire (SoMe) which has been translated into 17 languages and is in use all over the world. Her work is published in numerous international journals.


Contributions by Tatjana Schnell


Sources of Meaning and Meaning in Life – An interview with Tatjana Schnell

Recently, scholars have placed the concept of ‘meaning making’ as an important area of focus within psychology of religion. Some people find meaning in religious or spiritual experience and beliefs while others find meaning on more secular mediums in life. However, if humans are truly on a “search for meaning”, as Frankl has argued, what might be some of the sources of such meaning?