Stephen Jones

Stephen is a sociologist of religion whose main interest is in Islam in the UK. His publications cover religion and higher education; the political representation of Muslim minorities; the sociology of religious knowledge; multiculturalism in Britain; and preventing extremism policy. He is currently carrying out research for a large-scale research project looking at how people understand the relationship between science and religion. Stephen joined Newman in 2015 as Research Fellow in the Centre for Science, Knowledge and Belief in Society. His research has been featured in The Times Higher Education and The Daily Telegraph, and he has advised BBC Radio 4’s The Today Programme and the Women and Equalities Committee in the House of Commons on multiculturalism and Muslim representation.


Contributions by Stephen Jones


Religion, Science and Evolutionary Theory

Science and evolution in Muslim societies is a complicated topic. Among the public, what does evolution mean? Whats does evolution stand for? Is there a 'Muslim view' on evolution? In this podcast, Stephen Jones interviews Salman Hameed about recent research on Muslim perceptions of science and evolution.