S. Wallis

Having taught RE in secondary schools in England, S. Wallis is now an ESRC-funded PhD candidate in the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick. His doctoral research examines the relationship between the lives of young people who self-identify as having ‘no religion’ and the theorization of ‘religion’, ‘non-religion’ and other related concepts in the field. His research interests include religion and youth; religious education; atheism, humanism, and religious doubt; material culture; and visual methodologies. He has a BA in English Literature and an MA in Religious Studies. 


Contributions by S. Wallis


Young People of ‘No Religion’ and Religious Education Beyond Religious Belief

"Although this might help pupils develop their critical thinking skills, this approach to the study of religion seems to reinforce the notion that religion is concerned with private, individualized beliefs of an ontological, epistemological and/or moral nature. It does not provide room for pupils to consider how ‘religion’ might be broader than assent to propositional beliefs or to explore further the nature of belief and how it can function in all our everyday lives."