Sevde Düzgüner

Sevde Düzgüner is an assistant professor at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. She got her PhD in the Department of Psychology of Religion at Necmettin Erbakan University and her masters degree in the same department at Selcuk University in Konya. She has been to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, United States, as visiting scholar in 2013. Currently, she is doing cross-cultural research about the perceptions of spirituality and its relationship to altruism. She is also the director of an international research project titled “The Intersection of Religiosity, Spirituality and Mysticism: An Empirical Study on Mawlawi Sema Ritual” (a religious and spiritual ceremony also known as whirling dervishes). She has given lecturers on several topics such as personal and social psychology, religion and modern life, self-knowledge , meaning of life, interpersonal communication, relationship between body and spirit, and relationship between human and Transcendent being.


Contributions by Sevde Düzgüner


Psychology of What? Religion, Spirituality, or Meaning: In Search of a Proper Name for The Field of Psychology of Religion

In many writings, the term spirituality is credited with the positive and the term religiosity is credited with the negative. Dr. Schnell shifts the focus from the content and valence of these concepts to how valuable these concepts are for individuals. Psychology of religion provides an avenue of theoretical and methodologically empirical inquiry into the study of belief and experience. Particularly, the individual’s experience, both personal and social,...