Scott Jeffery

Scott Jeffery recently completed his PhD thesis at Stirling university. Entitled, Superhuman, Transhuman, Post/Human: Mapping the Production and Reception of the Posthuman Body, the thesis uses the ideas of Deleuze and Guattari to explore the 'rhizome' of the posthuman body, demonstrating how the comic book superhuman has developed in conjunction with the discourses of speculative Transhumanist philosophy and critical-theoretical Post/Humanism. Secondly, the thesis investigated reader-responses to the posthuman body, and how comic book readers felt about the perils and promises of the posthuman body. Scott works as a part-time lecturer and Teaching Assistant in sociology at both Stirling University and Perth College. He also performs stand-up comedy on a semi-regular basis and writes about posthumanism, the occult, comics, and more besides at his blog He can be contacted via twitter as @sjzenarchy, or via e-mail at:


Contributions by Scott Jeffery


Superhero Shamans and Magickal Scribes: Appraising the study of Religion and Comics

"Wright (2007), for example, has suggested that, “the modern superhero is a contemporary manifestation of the ancient shamanic role” (2007:127). While Pedler has argued that, “Morrison’s mission [] to make our reality as interesting as theirs, as surreal, full of every potential and possibility” (Pedler, 2009:264), making them, in effect, shamanic fictions."