Robin Harragin Hussey’s main research topic is church history, in particular 19th century and the spread  of Christian Science beyond the USA.  She has an MTH from Kings College, London.  Much of her early postgraduate research was undertaken at Bath Spa University.  Currently she is the Christian Science Committee on Publication, which is the media and legislative liaison for UK and Ireland. Publications include co-authored article Christian Scientists: Has-Beens or 21Century Spiritual Pioneers? in Visioning New and Minority Religions: Projecting the Future ed. Eugene V. Gallagher (Routledge Inform Series 2017); article The Impact of Christian Science on Political Women in Twentieth Century in Acta Comparanda, Subsdia ll, (FVG, Antwerpen-Wilrijke, June 2015); conference paper The response of Christian Science to the revolution in medicine at CESNUR 2015 (